NPR The New Apostolic Reformation: The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

  1. "The major topics at these events [are] anti-abortion, anti-gay rights and the conversion of Jews in order to advance the end times. And this was very visible at Perry’s events as these apostles led all of these different prayers and repentance ceremonies at [his rally]."

    This is what I can’t get my head around with regards to the NAR movement: there are people—people who call themselves Christians—who consider themselves good people while actively working to bring about the end of the world.
    It’s certainly comforting to know that they’re doomed to fail, but the methods they employ to work toward that end are harmful in themselves. Members of the NAR movement, who are responsible for much of Rick Perry’s current support, believe that NAR Christians are obligated to take control over the government. They also believe that gay people (which presumably covers most if not all of the queer community in their eyes) and Muslims are possessed by demons. They actively practice “spiritual warfare” intended to protect against witchcraft.
    Left unchecked, the beliefs and political efforts of NAR Christians lead to things like the proposed Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which would introduce the death penalty for people convicted of sexual acts with others of the same sex—or simply of being HIV-positive. Here in America, the belief that a certain community of Christians was besieged by witches and witchcraft led to one of the most bizarre and unfortunate chapters in American history.
    Dominionism, embraced by nominally non-NAR politicians like Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul as well as Rick Perry, is a dangerous idea that strikes at the heart of the American ideal. But here’s what should worry you most about politicians who draw support from the NAR movement: the reason they believe Christians must attain positions of power is to guide the United States in helping to bring about the end of the world. Their interest doesn’t lie in protecting and helping Americans; it lies in working toward a Christian eschaton in which over two thirds of the people currently living—including at least one in five Americans—will be sent to Hell for not being Christians.

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